2018 China Trip

Posted: January 26, 2018 8:27 AM

If you are interested in traveling to China with Grandmaster Sin Thé, you have an amazing chance to do so this summer! There is still time to join but you need to act quickly! The following message is from Senior Master Joseph Schaefer (Austin, TX) who is organizing the trip:

We are still taking China trip members for our June 15th departure to southern China. Grandmaster Sin just found out some thing amazing about our trip. The southern Shaolin temple will be erecting a stone monument to him and our lineage. We will be there for the mayor of Fuching and other dignitaries when they unveil it. The mayor is often considered the next most likely president of China in the future.

Our trip will be small and personal and you will get to spend quality time with Grandmaster Sin and you classmates on the most amazing trip of a lifetime.

Contact Vivian with our tour company today to hold your spot and secure price.

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